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The Ultimate Gastric Band Range

Our "Ultimate Gastric Band" range of capsules are an AMAZING NATURAL APPETITE SUPPRESSANTS. You take just 2 capsules 30 minutes before your meal and its just as if you’ve had a gastric band fitted. You can only eat a small portion and you feel fuller for longer with no cravings and no snacks required!. So you eat much less but you NEVER feel hungry and with our "Ultimate gastric band range" you don’t need painful, expensive surgery. Please don’t confuse these with other products on the market that don’t suppress appetite, or do very little to help you lose weight.

Apart from being an incredible appetite suppressants, our Ultimate Gastric Band range of capsules have other amazing side effects, they can help lower cholesterol, help to improve your digestion, and help to stop fats being absorbed. They can also help people with diabetes, and they can help protect against bowel disease. Plus there’s no nasty side effects!!! So what's not to like.!!! Even the price is good.

ONLY £29.99 for 30 2400mg capsules- they last up to a month. Please see prices below..

“Just letting you know its day 2 of taking gastric band and I can really feel them working, I don’t feel hungry, and don’t want to snack between meals. I could only eat a small amount of salad out of my lunch box today and I was full. I just wish I had found these years ago.

I want to order the months supply, how soon can you get it out to me”
says Amanda


(Please add £3.99 post and packing.)

GastricBand SlimCaps – Powerful Natural Appetite suppressants.
Capsules- 2400mg.

15 Capsules at £14.99 – just 2 weeks supply
30 Capsules at £29.99 – last up to 1 month.
60 Capsules at £39.99 – enough for 2 months

The products below team up very well with the GastricBand SlimCaps to give the Ultimate Weight loss Combination

GB Chromium – high Potency 200 mg caplets.
£14.99 – 30 caplets. 1 month supply