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Superskinny's Super Slimming Tablets

Special offer half price for this month only

Introducing… Superskinny’s, our new generation slimming capsule.


We’ve made them even stronger. They are now more effective than ever.

We are already getting high numbers of repeat orders from our initial customers. their weight losses have been amazing. We added some fantastic new ingredients that have created a product that really packs a punch. Enabling people to lose weight faster and more easily.

Phentraform has been, and still is an incredibly successful product, but if you are struggling to get down to your goal weight you need to give Superskinny’s a try. At the moment we are selling Superskinny’s at an introductory price so don’t delay , we cant keep them at this price for much longer.

This thermogenic formula not only speeds up the metabolism, it increases energy without the jitters . It improves performance in sport and exercise sessions and dramatically increases stamina. The appetite is suppressed and the desire to eat is almost eliminated in some cases.

There are no side effects and generally if you are in reasonable health and you haven’t got any long term illnesses, eg heart disease , hypertension, kidney problems or diabetes you will be fine and sleep isn’t affected as long as you make sure you have taken them at least 8 hours before bedtime. Superskinny’s have all the good and none of the bad, they really do work. They are truly AMAZING!!! We are getting dozens of repeat orders everyday and some excellent testimonials are coming through to us.

“Hi, I lost 2 stone with Phentraform over 3 months, which was excellent but unfortunately I just couldn’t seem to get the last half stone off, I just maintained. I contacted Phentraform and they suggested I try Superskinny’s as they have some other ingredients which really boost the metabolism. I couldn’t believe it, just two weeks and I lost another 8lbs, I am now under my target weight. Thanks, I couldn’t have done it without you.”
says Liz

“Dear Bev and team,
I am just letting you know that I have reached my goal weight. Within 2 months which is so incredible . I have battled with my weight for years and never found anything like Superskinny’s, I took phentraform the first month and my weight loss slowed down on the 4th week so you advised me to take Superskinny’s. I was staggered when I lost 5lbs in one week with them , bearing in mind I had already lost a stone. I have been telling everyone about them so I am sure you will get loads of orders which you deserve. Thanks again for all your help.
says Mary.

DOSE 1 a day, though 2 can be taken in extreme cases.

Prices. Special offer.

  • 14 tablets – normal price £29.99 offer price £14.99
  • 30 tablets – normal price £39.99 offer price £19.99
  • 60 tablets – normal price £59.99 SAVE £20.00 Usually £79.99. offer price £39.99
  • 120 tablets – normal price £109.99 SAVE £50.00 Usually £159.99. offer price £79.99

Please note that £3.99 will be added to your order for post and packing. Delivery in most cases is within- 2 days, but please allow up to 10 days in very busy times.

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