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Back to the Future Parties.

Past life Regression and Tarot.
Take a glimpse at your past and your future.
Fantastic, Fun, Interesting, Girls Nights In.
To find out more about hosting a party at your house
Please use the "Contact me" enquiry form
Or text- call Bev on 07773469812.
Solo appointments are also available for regression.

Plus individual sessions for phobias, anxiety , smoking, fears, depression,
weight loss ( vitual gasticband ) insomnia and low esteem.
Motivational therapy is also available for setting targets in sport , business and all areas of life.
Plus Hypnocise can help achieve better levels of fitness, this is a blend of hypnosis and personal
training-recently featured in the Daily Mail.

Hypno-Slimming Parties

Group Virtual Gastricband Hypnotherapy – party plan.
Hostess- organisers required.
You and your guests will get hypnosis to lose weight plus personal training plans , hypnocise , supportive products and much
more for the fraction of the price of solo therapy form just £18.00 per person.
If you need a total change of mindset to lose weight and get fitter-this is a great way to do so!!!
Hostesses can earn money too for having a party so contact us for more details.