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Hypnoslimming Parties UK

Hypnoslimming Parties UK is a completely unique Hypno Weight Reduction concept

Parties are being held on a weekly.basis all over the UK thus giving people the chance to benefit from this life changing therapy at a fraction of the normal solo price.

Admission to the hour long party session is just £25 and includes a recording which is usually emailed for use after the party.

At a party you will be with other like-minded people who all have the same goals... To lose weight and to improve their health and well being.

Its a relaxing party plan atmosphere, the first part involves a chat with the therapist who will put you all at ease and explains how Hypnoslimming works. She will also get some background on peoples eating habits and lifestyle.

The second half is group hypnosis, all very relaxing and for many - truly life changing.

Statistics to date have shown that the majority will benefit and testimonials on our Facebook groups are evidence of the amazing weight losses that can result.

Please join our Facebook groups Transform Hypnotherapy UK and Hypnotherapy - South Yorkshire also take a look at the 2 press links below about my work

'I lost six stone after my mum hypnotised me into believing I had a gastric band'

Please also see further recent articles Obese mum-of-three cruelly dubbed 'Honey Monster' loses six stone after being hypnotised into thinking she had gastric band

You can now purchase admission tickets on our website. Its £25 and your Paypal receipt is your ticket. The ticket is valid for 6 months. Please supply your email address, home address and telephone number on the purchase form.

To book into a party simply email us and a list of nearby party dates will be provided. You can also gain details on this via the Facebook groups or by phoning the office. When you contact us we will book you in to a party of your choice.

If you require any further information before purchasing a party ticket please get in touch

Please note- Party Admission Tickets are valid for 6 months
No refunds will be given under any circumstances including none attendance.

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