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FREE Hypno-Slim CD


Includes free Hypno – Slim C.D. by Bev Davies.


Can’t stick to a diet , whatever you do? Tried everything on the market but you still can’t lose weight because you can’t control your appetite? You feel it’s the end of the road?

Its not the end of the road. We’ve created combi packs just for you. These aren’t just a double whammy they are a triple whammy because we are giving away COMPLETELY free the amazing HYPNO-SLIM C.D. by Bev Davies with every purchase, retail price £15.99.

The hypno slim c.d. has helped literally hundreds and hundreds of people to lose weight. Through gentle soothing hypnotic words and suggestions the subconscious and inner mind can change negative lifelong habits into positive ones. Using the CD every day for a couple of weeks will promote permanent positive changes that will completely eliminate overeating.

Through hypnosis , we can retrain the mind so that eating only ever occurs when food is really needed rather than desired. Cravings will be eliminated as well as the addiction to fattening foods . With regular use people find they no longer comfort eat, they don’t eat when they are bored and they only eat when they are genuinely hungry. They are truly in touch with their body’s real needs just like people who are naturally slim. They eat healthily, they don’t crave fattening foods, and they become focused and motivated. They find it easy to cut calories, take more exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle. It all becomes very easy.

Couple the C.D with one of our amazing combi packs and you will succeed.

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  • Phentraform Detox & Hoodia