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Crazy Fit Massage

You too , can have a Dream body within weeks!!!

You will find this massage machine in the Likes of John Lewis and Selfridges for nearly £3000!!! You can buy it direct from PHENTRAFORM UK LTD for around 10% of that price.

Plus you get the body to die for within in weeks with minimum effort in the comfort of your home!!! Kylie and Madonna, to mention just a few celebrities, are using this machine to keep themselves lean and toned. Each 10-15 minute session of vibration plate technology delivers the equivalent of a vigourous 1 hour workout in the gym. No exertion whatsoever, it really is the fast easy way to tone up , lose weight , reduce cellulite and even burn calories.

See the list of benefits below.

It’s suitable for all ages and abilities. Plus its therapeutic benefits are endless so even those with health problems and disabilities can benefit in so many ways.

The Crazy Fit Body Shaper Massager is your answer to a perfect body. Its compact and comfortable design ensures that the Crazy Fit Vibration Plate is perfect for use in your home, whilst its user-friendly operation console and menus allow users of all fitness levels to tailor their exercise programmes precisely.

Exercises can be undertaken whilst sitting, standing or even lying down as you perform weight bearing exercises such as press-ups, sit-ups and stretching positions. Ideal to assist you in a weight reduction programme, build muscle tone or to simply improve your all round health, the Crazy Fit Vibration Plate will assist you in reaching your targets.

10-15 Minutes exercise on the Crazy Fit Vibration Plate is equivalent to one hour’s conventional exercise. No exertion required! The Body Shaper Massager will assist in toning all parts of the body through vibration, easily and effortlessly.

Product Features & Specifications

Ergonomic construction with fashionable streamline design
Extra large console with 3 LED light display for time, speed and body fat value, 3 Built in workout programme Variable Speeds range 1-30.
Steel frame with painted coating
High quality 1.5 hp motor delivers smooth work out.Anti Jamming and Static technology incoorporated. Net Weight 45 Kg150kg weight limit on machine. Amplitude – 1-10mm Frequency 0-18 rpm/s . Max Power 550w. 220v Size – 735 × 695 x 1250mm

sample exercises

Overall benefits

  • Burns calories fast
  • Reduces fat
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Tones the entire body
  • Keeps you looking young
  • Increases oxygenation in blood
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Repairs & regenerates tissues and improves the appearance of the skin
  • Improves balance and co-ordination
  • Improves postural reflexes
  • Increases metabolism
  • Helps soothe artharitic aches
  • Reduces acute and chronic lower back pain due to muscle strain
  • Increases overall muscle performance


Yes , its TRUE, this fabulous route to perfection is yours at just over 10% of the High Street Price. And that includes delivery to any part of the U.K. and a 12 month warranty.

If you want to take advantage of this incredibly low price, we need your order straight away as it’s a LIMITED OFFER!.
Delivery time is usually 3-4 days but please allow up to 10 days in busier times such as Christmas etc.



Hi ,my name is Sue, I have been using the crazy fit for the last couple of weeks, I feel great and i have lost 5” off my hips and 4” of my waist and 2” off each thigh. I have lost 9lbs and I feel amazing. I have saved money as I don’t go to the gym now, so no expensive memberships and I can fit 10 or 15 minutes on my crazy fit in anytime . So it’s so easy to include in to every day life. I really do recommend Crazy fit , it’s fabulous.

Please note we add £25 for Delivery.. We deliver within 14 days.

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