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Virtual Hypno-GastricBand

This amazing blend of hypnotherapy, transformational life therapy and visualisation therapy will change your life for ever in the space of an hour.
Permanaent , Easy Weight loss is what we all desire. Being free from emotional eating patterns , being able to lead a normal life but stay slim. Not to feel deprived but be in control. To feel motivated, confident and self assured.
Virtual Hypno-GastricBand will do all of these things for you, it is your route to being a naturally slim person with a natural gauge inside that stops you from overeating, that keeps you in control.

The Gentle Life Changing Art Of Hypnotherapy

My name is Beverley Davies, I am the founder of Transform Yourself.

I studied to be a Hypnotherapist in the early 90’s and qualified as a practitioner in 1992. I went on to further study and qualify as a Psychotherapist, Yoga teacher and Fitness Professional by 1998

Since then I have lost count of the number of people I have helped to lose weight permanently, stop smoking, gain confidence and banish phobias etc.

That’s because hypnotherapy is a gentle, yet incredibly powerful tool that can literally transform people’s lives.

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