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Bev DaviesHi my name is Bev and I am the founder of ‘Transform Yourself’.

I qualified in Hypnotherapy back in the early 90’s and went on to study and practice Psychotherapy, Yoga teaching, Fitness tuition, Personal Training, Tai Chi and Salsa-dance Aerobics amongst other things.

I have dedicated my working life to helping people lose weight, get fit, gain confidence, achieve goals and change their lives for the better. I have taught community groups through the local council and worked in schools, as well as a number of large fitness clubs.

My knowledge of people’s psychological expectations as well as health and fitness has helped me develop a range of amazing slimming products and services.

With the help of one the U.K’s top supplement manufacturers we have created something very special. Plus we don’t just leave it there, when you order from our company you can email us if you have queries or need advice and we will do our best to help and support you.

We always send you a free eating plan plus a ‘Did you know’ sheet, which has great facts and reveals things about weight loss etc that you probably won’t know. We send these freebies with every order because we genuinely want you to be successful.

Any way that’s just one of our super products. The testimonials on site are just a few of what we have on file, I am sure they will demonstrate to you just how effective all our products are.

You may also want to know a little more about Hypnotherapy , Slimming Coaching and Personal Training. These things are all available from our highly qualified team and myself, if you want to know more and you feel you might benefit, please contact us by email. We can then discuss a tailored programme for you.

Get Slim, Get Fit, and Get Healthy with the aid of ‘Transform Yourself’.



The Gentle Life Changing Art Of Hypnotherapy

My name is Beverley Davies, I am the founder of Transform Yourself.

I studied to be a Hypnotherapist in the early 90’s and qualified as a practitioner in 1992. I went on to further study and qualify as a Psychotherapist, Yoga teacher and Fitness Professional by 1998

Since then I have lost count of the number of people I have helped to lose weight permanently, stop smoking, gain confidence and banish phobias etc.

That’s because hypnotherapy is a gentle, yet incredibly powerful tool that can literally transform people’s lives.

Virtual Hypno-GastricBand

This amazing blend of hypnotherapy, transformational life therapy and visualisation therapy will change your life for ever in the space of an hour.
Permanaent , Easy Weight loss is what we all desire. Being free from emotional eating patterns , being able to lead a normal life but stay slim. Not to feel deprived but be in control. To feel motivated, confident and self assured.
Virtual Hypno-GastricBand will do all of these things for you, it is your route to being a naturally slim person with a natural gauge inside that stops you from overeating, that keeps you in control.