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HypnoSlim Virtual Gastricband

This C.D. contains full hypnotherapy for the virtual hypnotic gastric band – listening to this will permanently affect the way you feel about food.

Cravings will be eliminated and you will only ever eat when hungry after using the C.D.

Also portion sizes will reduce . Regular play will allow the subconscious to absorb these life changing messages.

You will also receive a copy of Fast and Feast – the short guide to eating for health and immunity.

The Ultimate Gastric Band Range

Special off for this month, Gastric Band Range now half price

These AMAZING NATURAL APPETITE SUPPRESSANTS are clinically proven. You take just 2 capsules 30 minutes before your meal and its just as if you’ve had a gastric band fitted. You can only eat a small portion and you feel full for ages afterwards. No cravings, no snacks required. So you eat much less but you NEVER feel hungry. And you don’t need painful expensive surgery. Please don’t confuse these with other products on the market that don’t suppress appetite, or do much else.

Gastric Band BURN

Special offer for this month only

Appetite Control + Thermogenic fat burners
2 product Combi Pack
£34.99 Now only £17.49 – 30 GastricBand (2400mg) + 30 Chromium. Capsules- ( up to 1 months supply)

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